Age of dinosaur

Anyone got any idea of how old this relic might be. My guess is mid 1950’s and that it’s older than me, but not near as old as Roy.:wink:


The serial # G110AC, the 110 is for 110,000 btu.



If you can send me a larger, clearer picture, I can probably get something for you.

Typically, the BTU rating is in the model #, not the serial #.
Any other numbers on the unit?

Exactly. That’s why I’m wanting to look at a better picture. If that is the serial number, and not the model number, then I’m getting July 1961. If it’s the model number, then we need the serial number.

I magnified the pic on my computer, and below the brand name Clare-Hecla is a box that says type-G110AC. Type to me would mean the model number.

Below that to the right it says BTU input 110,000. The boxes below that are unreadable, but I’m willing to bet the very bottom box is the serial number.

I would agree.

If G110AC is the model number then it pops up on Carrier Blue book as a 1978 to 80 110,000 BTU Lennox? Was Lennox the manufacutrer?

Brand is a Clare-Hecla

Thank guys,
Sorry about the mix up between model and serial #. All it shows is TYPE and the btu’s. No other #'s can be seen. It is a Clare-Hecla and I know its somewhere between 1954 and 1964. Either way I guess I’ll have to just list it as old and past it’s life expectancy, although I usually like to be a little closer on the date.


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