Age of GE AC

I need some help the age of this GE AC Ser# 226377 102, MOD BGTA30B1A.

Is it a 1963?


how old is the house?

General Electric
Capacity: Last three digits of model number indicate approximate rating in 1000s of Btus
Example: 21TC030A = 2.5 ton
Age: Last three digits of serial number indicate date of manufacture, where the first digit indicates the year and the second and third indicate the week
Example: xxxxxx241 = 41st week of 1982

House built in 1936.

I would bet on 63 or 73 In any case it is past it designed life.

Hi Buck,

Prestons doesn’t list that model, however that type of model # (BGTA???) was typical of those sold in the 1970’s



Thanks guys. I just reported that is was beyond it useful life.

Pick one: 1961, 1971, 1981, 1991, or 2001. If I were picking, I’d pick 1971.