Age of Home Inspectors

Just curious on the average age of Home Inspectors on the message board. It might be interesting to see the comparison.

46 and living the dream

Would also be an interesting side-poll to know at what age an inspector performed his/her first “fee paid” inspection, as many of us have been doing this for a while.

I’m older than my teeth and younger than my gums! :wink:

I’ve been doing this for 1 yr, 40 times.

I’ll be 64 January
Way…way over 30 plus years ago when I made my first dollar as an HI …Yep!

Very Interesting thanks for doing this ,
I expect it will lead to many more questions … Roy

48 and fit as a hunters dog.

Roy C
You don’t count!
Ur older than dirt.:smiley:

Thanks for the plug.

I enjoy every day big time .

Roy I’ve tried emailing you . You don’t accept PM’s.
So! How is the best way to get in contact wil you?
Why don’t you accept PM’s?


My email is on all my posts .

Roy Cooke

I emailed you 3 plus weeks ago with no reply!
Whats up with that?

I’m older than dirt and should be retired :(. Doing more Consulting than inspecting these days. 47

Interesting demographic

“Don’t worry sir, I’m experienced - this is my 3rd one!”

You’re only as old as the woman you’re dating :wink:

Very True :slight_smile:

I did my first inspection at 54yrs old …my last at 64 yrs old

Roy, after three attempts I would think you would take the hint! :mrgreen::wink: