Age of Rheem Furnace

What is the age of this Rheem furance serial number 5D102F16849479?

Kenmore water heater serial # L02428182.

Thanks!!! In advance.

Furnace is 1984…checking on water heater.

I believe the water heater is 2002.

Larry’s got 'em.

I need age of HEIL A/C
Mod#ACS 8030A2C1
Serial# L990730184
HEIL furnace
Are they 1998/1999/

Nine hours and no response?

How odd?

Where is everyone?


…and yes.

They are 1998 and 1999, but the first one is 1999 and the second one is 1998, so they are 1999/1998. Is that confusing enough? Darn margaritas. :smiley:

Thanks Russ, now I can get some sleep.