Age of this furnace please?

Home was built in 95’ WaterHeater was from 89’ Furnace appears to be from 1997? or is it 89’ as well?

Stuck on this and because of water heater, buyer wants to know badly
Anz. label 1988

furnace age.jpg

Who’s the manufacturer?



I called Aaron to get better information…the Ser No on the template appears to be LB93, but Aaron said it is L893 which makes this a 1989 model furnace.

(This coincides with the Preston Guide, which doesn’t happen very often)


In the future, simply add 2 years to the Ansi date and that’ll get you close to the date of manufacture.

November 1989.

Huh? Where did you come up with that, David?

It depends on the company and how well equipped they are to implement new ANSI specifications. Generally, companies accomplish it within a year, but I have seen some smaller companies that use ANSI specifications that are up to seven years old. Consequently, you can get very close by saying that the unit in question was manufactured later than 1988 and probably no later than 1991, but you could be as many as seven years off, as well.

I re-read the original post and I had thought he was referring to a water heater, which is true about my posting of the Ansi date.

Now that I’m on the same page, You are correct on the Ansi dating of Furnaces and boilers.

Still depends on the manufacturer. You must be most familiar with a water heater manufacturer that was running two years behind the most recent ANSI standards. The largest manufacturers that use ANSI standards get those new standards in place within months of them being released.

L89… the year has to be 1989… I would bet Russel Ray a margarita for it.