Age of Trane

What is the age of this Trane A/C #079B-21568?

THANKS !!! In advance.

I’m getting Feb of 2000 (first digit is year and first letter is month).

Trane is in Tyler, Texas - 903-581-3200

Buck, is that the serial number?

If so, I am thinking ‘87’ aaccording to the cheat sheet I got off of this mesage board

Here is a link for the cheat sheet. Appliance Ages.PDF

Yes, that number is the serial number. I called TRANE in TEXAS, they did not know.


That specific pattern is explained like this:

O is the letter O, not the number zero; manufacturing plant.
79 is the year of manufacture; 1979
B is the month of manufacture; February.
21568 is the consecutive product number.