Age of Water Heater Please


If we go by the standard serial number coding convention, then the 1207 at the beginning would seem to indicate December 2007. Was this over in Amish country?

Close… Mac-O-Chee Castle

Piatt Castles

Very cool place to tour.

Pretty neat. If readers ever get to San Jose, California, don’t skip the Winchester Mystery House. A home inspector’s nightmare. Stairs with no landings since they don’t lead to anywhere, stairs with a vertical rise of an inch or so, and windows in the floor (and not tempered windows, either). And while San Jose is not exactly the wettest place on Earth, that house did have rain gutters. Wooden ones!

With all its “problems,” I can imagine some home inspectors: “Run from this place. It will cost millions to fix.” Hmmmmm. I never pretend to know why my Client is buying a home that will cost millions to fix; perhaps they are planning on turning it into a tourist attraction, too!