Age of White Westinghouse water heaters

How long ago did they stop manufacturing these? What is the age of this unit?
Mod TA 802LKKA2 / Ser WE 0979102989. My guess is 09/79 but the unit looks much newer than this.
Gerald Wilcox

Maybe it has no mileage, late install!

In a perfect world, installers would provide date of installation.

Does it work well? Yes
Does it leak? No
Is there a floor drain nearby? Yes
Is it standing in a leak preventive pan?

Cannot help you with the date!

Brossard, Quebec, Canada :slight_smile:

Lot’s of conflicting info on White Westinghouse!

Indeed, I stumbled across your second link already Jeffery. I did some searching on the net, didn’t discover anything of value. Probably a division that was sold off to ? Bradford White? I’m just guessing. In any case it’s over 10 years…
Thanks anyway