Age Please

Bryant Plus 90 Mod# 350MAV061120. Ser# 1595A07340. I am coming up with 98-05 in Prestons. Unclear with the Technical Reference Guide.

Thanks in advance,

This unit may be included in this Class Action Settlement

Doesnt appear the serial number is one that is named. Thanks for the info Michael.

After a closer look at the suit it appears the 350MAV is included. Thanks Michael

Check again.I think you may have looked at the update only.

Click here to see a list of models that are included in the settlement.

edited: Good, I see you found it.:slight_smile:

Thanks Michael. My client just got their moneys worth. Owe ya one Skipper!

Unless Bryant has changed the way they date code their equipment, it was made in the 15th week of 1995. :-k

Apprx 10-12+ is what I put on the report this morning.