Age Please

Another age please.


Model # UGRA 066EMAEB
Serial # E35D702F479706908

I am a member if the red banner comes again!
Gas pressure test tag say install was 1998?

Did you do what I said HERE ?

Do you have a picture of the tag?

The S/N looks to long.

Either that or it’s the 69th week of 2008.:wink:

I was incorrect. The tag is the installers installation and maintenance sticker. Date of installation is as stated and the following dates are service dates. The S/N was located on the left side very far back into the unit and very difficult to read. The location precludes the opportunity to take a picture. I will attempt to confirm with the owner. Thanks for the help

RHEEM/RUUD: in the middle of the serial number will be a letter “F” the following four numbers are the week and year.

Manufactured in 1997.

Like I said S/N too long. Thanks Jae. I’ll add that note about the “F” to my info.

Correct…47th week of 1997.