Age Question

What age would you say the unit is ? I had a split system heat pump today that had a Goodman outdoor condensing unit that was 2 years old, in the garage was the air handler/evaporator, it was a York that was about 16 years old. Only the second time I have encountered a split system with a newer condensing unit and a much older air handler/evaporator. How do you report the age of the unit ?
Thanks !

Do you have any serial numbers? Was the evaporator coil in the air handler the same age as the exterior unit? If not it may not be perfectly matched. If it had decent splits and seemed to operate properly, I would just say the interior coil may not have been replaced at the same time and may be reaching the end of its useful life.


Anatol, The serial #'s are ( condensing unit ) Goodman # 0601065436 / ( air handler ) York # EFYS116688. The temp splits were good, 18 degrees. The evaporator coil in the older unit is original, 16 years old…

HVAC is provided by an electric split system with an estimated 2 year old condenser located in the side yard and an estimated 16 year old evaporator coil and air handler located in the garage.

Or something like that. :slight_smile: