Aged wiring comments

Todays inspection was an aged home with everything aged from wiring to fuses
All was in exceptional conditon.
The wiring was cloth but had a ground so it was 3 strand.

I was curious what others generaly state for aged homes. Not that this one had major issues but its rare to see one in such good shape.

The fuse panel inside had a main disconnect outside so of course it was not in compliance with modern grounding and bonding.

What comments are made for fuse panels when aged equipment does not allow for sufficent bonding and grounding and the equipment is in good shape? Many would have to be changed out to comply and would this be needed since the equipment was in good shape?

What comments are made for aged wiring where no appearent issues are found.

Just curious wht others say in regards to the ussues found in most older homes.

Some insurance companies are going to want breakers but other than that report what you saw. The bonding in your picture would have been code at the time and thus is acceptable today. That ground wire, however, is way too close to the “hot” part of the right fuse in your picture.

I agree about the proximity to the energized part of the fuse. What’s the issue with the bonding?

The ground should not go under the fuse block.