Aged wiring in Chicago

**Video: **Aged wiring in Chicago](

Looks like my wiring , with pushmatic.

What do you think they charged Joe?
I would guess around $3000-$4,000.

Just another reason to use conduit, rather than that Romex c-ap.

New wires throughout, all new devices, and fixtures, etc., and a service change all in one day? :roll:

They said the Village required a 200 amp service, so I will bet they charged every bit of $5,000.00.

If they had to do a rewire of old rope to new rope it probably would take 3-4 days, and then the repairs that were needed would cost too.

I know a fuse to breaker conversion runs around $1,500.

What those guys did not show was how the old wires often get stuck, and that would have been some good entertainment.

Gosh I hate the old cloth covered toasted ones.