Agent is paying, who do I give the report to

Hi Everyone,

Agent called me and wants me to do a pre listing inspection for a house (actually 2 different properties) and he said that he will be paying for it.
My question is who do I put in the report as the client, the agent? Or do I ask for the sellers info?

Your thoughts.


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I would give it to the agent and if they authorize it, the seller as well.

Who signed your Pre-inspection Agreement?


The agent will be signing it.

then they get it

I always get the sellers info. The seller is my legal client.
The Realtor is paying on behalf of the seller, who is my actual client.
I don’t give a rats arse who pays. My client is the legal owner of the property (or legal purchaser of the property). This BS of “whoever pays” is just that… pure BS!!


I would get the seller to sign it and get the agent to pay for it, before I left my house.

Unless you’ve done lots of business with THAT agent in the past. Then I would be paid before the report leaves my hands.


Thanks everyone, appreciate the input.

  • If agents enter is contract and his name is on it - he is your client.
    -Or client can authorize the agent to be his rep. to sign, pay and get his report.
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Yep! Exactly.

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There’s your answer.

So; in Florida your client is a legal owner of the property
and it make sense if it is pre-sale inspection.
What about if you are working for buyer who doesn’t owned any property in this particular moment he is just potential buyer.
In NJ client is the person who’s is name is in Contract Agreement .

As per NJ SOP
“Client” means any current or prospective homeowner who engages, or seeks to engage, the
services of a home inspector for the purpose of obtaining an inspection of and written report
regarding the condition of a residential building.
“Client’s representative” means an attorney at law of the State of New Jersey who has been
retained by the client and identified to the home inspector in writing. For the purposes of this
subchapter, a real estate broker or agent is not the client’s representative.

Seems you answered your own question, don’t you think?
Your Client is the person named on your Contract. Your Client is either the Homeseller, or the Homebuyer. These are the only two LEGAL entities for the ownership of the home. These are the only two entities that exist for me. Anybody else is simply “On Behalf Of…”.

Everything is finally clear and the statement that “client is the legal owner of the property “ is nor always correct.

Who made that statement??
“The Client is always the current (legal) owner (Seller) OR the future (legal) owner (Buyer) of the property”!
No one else matters!

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I was referring to : “ I don’t give a rats arse who pays. My client is the legal owner of the property“.
After this brief exchange of ideas and facts I think everything is clear to everyone.

If I remember correctly to be a legal contract the buyer must sign the contract or give permission to someone else to act as their agent. I would get it in writing or at least an email from your client stating the real estate agent has permission to sign for the them. Without this I don’t think the contract is binding, i.e. your screwed.

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Agree with Randy.
In fact, I believe the ‘InterNachi Agreement’ has something to that effect at the signature line.

Next time try using the ENTIRE statement (that I made), in your quote. You changed the meaning of my statement by hacking it to fit your agenda!!

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No agenda rather misunderstandings.
Your posts in our forum are very informative.