Agent is paying, who do I give the report to

Contractually the person that calls and signs the agreement is customer… No if ands or butts

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Who is paying for it? This is the one whose name it should be in. It doesn’t matter who authorized it, or who signs the pre-inspection agreement (anyone can sign, besides, you should get who is paying for it to sign). The one who is paying you is the one who is hiring you, anybody else is just an agent of the person.

You might want to verify that with your attorney. Maybe Sally wants to buy a house and dear old Dad decides he wants ti gift her the cost of the inspection. Sally signs the PIA and Dad pays. Sally is the client.

Not quite true. Sally is getting the money from her dad to pay for it, but it is still Sally paying for it. Come on guys, lets be serious. I mean this is like asking, if the husband is paying for it but the wife is handling everything then whose name is on the report? Both or the one paying for it or the one asking for it? If in doubt, ask the person who is paying for it whose name should be on it. Its not that difficult.

I just had this happen last week. I put the buyers name in the contract and wrote at the bottom of the contract that the agen was paying and had the client and agent initial.