Aggravation with other Inspectors

After fielding another inspectors intelligence gathering call I have to say it’s getting aggravating.

Inspectors find me on the Internet and then click my adwords. (In other words spend my marketing dollars). Then they call my 800 number. (Again spending my money). Total cost for that call can run to $5 depending on the search term used.

It’s damn rude. Any business person knows these things.cost money. And it your a real business person you know that money is in short supply. You have no way of knowing if you’ve just used my ad budget for the day. So the real client looking for jme 5 minutes later won’t see my ad because it was wasted on an inspector trying to gather information.

Some months this can run to $50 or more.

If you want to get to an inspectors website from an ad use cut and paste of the URL. Don’t click their ad. Call them on their regular number, not their 800 number and just tell them the truth. I’ve never had anyone turn me down and I’ve never turned anyone down.

I might add that I’ve never gotten an intell call that wasn’t obvious. Clients just don’t ask those sort of questions.

Did you ever stop to think that “someone” might want to cost you as much money as they can?

Some of the larger companies or someone from another association might be trying to run up your “marketing bill” in order to put you out of business.
When you get a call like this dial “star 69” and it will call the last number to come in on your line! This way you can track who just called you!

Good Luck!:nachi: