Hello everyone,

Does anyone knows if "aggregate’’ (exterior wall covering) is paintable? and if yes…what kind of paint…?

be more specific. what kind of wall are you talking about? precast conc?

I’m not sure…

Exterior wall covering…small kind of river stones…and white cement…
I think is applied on plywood…

What is the application you are needing it for?

Stucco with exposed aggregate ?

It can be painted but a primer for concrete will need to be applied first. I am not sure why anyone would. After two or three years it needs to be pressure washed and repainted. Better to leave it alone.

If the finish is what I think it is, painting is totally contradictory to the purpose of the exposed materials!

Aggregate is stone encased in concrete, and is sometimes exposed in some types of concrete installations in which the not-completely-hardened concrete is pressure-washed with water to reveal a portion of the stone aggregate. The stone aggregate may accept paint or other finish coatings differently from the cement paste that you see as the surface of concrete, since stone aggregate and hardened cement paste are chemically different.
You should ask paint manufacturers, not home inspectors.

It is called pebble dashing.
Natural Aggregate Finishes/ Pebble Dashing.
The water proof would have to be a specific in nature.
The application is Polymer based. you can start from there.

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