Agreement destructive

Anybody have a good destructive inspection agreement? Removing siding to verify hold-downs.
Sorry for the earlier mistype.

What in the world is that?

A paper shredder…:grinning:

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I think he means as opposed to non-invasive

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Destructive - you mean like taking things apart and/or removing something?
What’s “removing aiding to verify hold downs” mean?
I am not sure what you’re asking here.

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‘Aiding’ was supposed to be ‘siding’.

Just get something in writing that the owner said it was okay for you to do it, with their signature.

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That’s dismantling,

Common’ Roy, read the thread :wink:

Sounds like an inspection for a Mobil home


Yep. ^^^^^^

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Thats What I was thinking

Be careful with work outside the scope of home inspection, depending of the home age there are asbestos and lead paint implications. I do not know if your state/city require contractor license for such work like in New York City, however if building was constructed before 12/31/1978 you should be EPA - RRP trained and license to avoid an astronomical fine.

Asbestos is another item that may be hidden.

Hemwant, you might want to start your own thread…:thinking:

Yeah, it’s called a Maryland Home Improvement Contractor agreement. It requires a lobotomy, 20K surety bond, GL/WC coverage, and, of course, a separate license.