Agreement Problems

Anyone else having an issue with the agreement system?

I’m trying to create agreements and add ancillary sections such as radon testing. When I create the agreement and view it the radon section is not included. I’ve tried it several times but it won’t let me add any ancillary sections to the agreement.

Switch browsers.

Tried that too. No go.

Thought it was just me. Tried to do 3 yesterday and it wouldn’t place my add on with the main agreement

Hi! I see what you’re saying - I think it’s a compatibility issue with the new design. I’ll have it fixed today.


Thank you Tim.

Alright, try it again now! Let me know if you have any further trouble with it.


When I try to drag an item (ancillary service) over it just highlights and does not move.


Try closing your browser and then re-opening it. We had to switch to a different Javascript tool, and sometimes browsers will cache the old version.


I tried that too and even used a different browser but it’s the same. When I create an agreement and try to drag over an additional item for an ancillary service it just highlights the area but does not drag.

Anyone else having this problem?

What browsers did you try? Did you delete your cache?


I am having the same problem, unable to add my radon page to the inspection agreement. Makes me realize that I need to stop relying on just one way to provide an inspection agreement.

Hi guys,

We’re having trouble reproducing the problem. I just tested it in MSIE 6, 7, 8, 9 & 10 on Windows XP, Vista, 7 & 8 and it’s worked fine in all of 'em. It also works fine on my local machine (OS X, Safari, Chrome and Firefox). Can you give me any more information to work with? What browsers are you using? Did you try logging out and logging back in? How about closing the browser and opening it again? Any info helps…

I’ve tried it Google Chrome and IE. Both do the same thing. I’ve restarted the laptop several times since.

I just deleted my history and it worked.


OK, so we finally pinpointed the issue. That was frustrating. Awesome news.