Agreement question

Hi everyone is it better to send the clients the agreement first to sign and then return or take the agreement with you to the inspection and get them to sign it then? And would you take two copies one for them and one for your records

I always email them a copy at the time the inspection is booked. There are laws associated with Contracts that require a minimum amount of time for the client to be able to read through and make a decision about the contracted for service. I also bring two copies to the inspection for them to sign (both copies) so I have an actual signed hard copy, and they have a copy they cannot claim later had different information in it than the one I am presenting to a Court as evidence.

There is more to it than that, but that answers your questions.

Thx jeffrey that’s crystal clear now

Keep in mind there are inspectors that perform this task electronically, and never deal with hard copies. That is their business decision. I have dealt with too many “technology” problems over the years that I don’t trust it beyond it being just another tool. I certainly am not trusting it to perform and store my legal documents further than basic file copies.

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I send mine electronically through ISN 2 hours after they schedule. I make sure I add that note that Mark Cohen mentioned in one of his articles about “this agreement is valid if signed electronically, etc”. I am usually booked at least 2 weeks out - so this gives my clients 2 weeks to look over the agreement, send it to their attorney, etc. This way they can never say “I didn’t have a chance to read it” or “I didn’t understand things”. I get a copy, they get a copy, there is a copy in S3 storage, and I am all set to go. Also, if their are any tech problems like Jeff said, they will get caught in time usually

Works like a charm every time, and fully customizable.

Best bang for your buck…oh yeah, it’s Free !!!