Agreements going to Spam

Hello fellow inspectors. I have noticed over the past year that more and more of my inspection agreements sent to clients using the “Send Message” button on the page after saving an agreement are being sent to their Spam folder. This used to never happen, and it is really de-valuing the agreement system in my opinion. I have considered using DocuSign for my agreements, but the convenience is so nice, and having everything at one location is ideal. I am hoping that someone from InterNACHI could chime in and look in to this for us. Am I the only one experiencing this? Is there something we can do to contact Google and request they stop identifying our correspondence from the InterNACHI agreement site as Spam?

Thank you in advance.

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I gave up long ago with that stuff.
After I click send, I send a seperate email to my client

**You’ll be receiving email from the International Assoc of Certified Home Inspectors.
There will be a secure link that will take you to the required inspection agreement for you to sign.
It must be signed for me to proceed, please let me know if you have any questions.

In case you did not receive the email link to sign your inspection agreement, here it is:


When I send the SOP I sent instructions to sign the inspection agreement. I inform my client that the inspection agreement will be found in a spam folder. It goes to the spam folder every single damn time.


Worth noting, this is not just a NACHI issue. It happens with all of the automated email systems.
I use Spectora’s automated email system for my agreements, payments, publishing reports, etc and they almost always go to spam.

Secret: We don’t actually send agreements by email and never have. We store the agreements and only provide a way for you to alert your client as to where his/her are. Here is what to do:

  1. Go to: Free, Online, Signable Inspection Agreement System - InterNACHI®
  2. Scroll down about 7/8ths of the way down that page.
  3. Find light tan, “troubleshooting” box.
  4. Do what it says.

Been happening for quite awhile.

I just send my own email with the link in the message.
Works very well.


You do send a notification, and that email is flagged as spam frequently.

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Marc Goldenberg is correct. That is the way to do it.

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I like Marc’s method I think that’s what I’m going to do from now on.


80%-90% of mine using the nachi “send message” button go to clients spam folders. Especially Gmail accounts. As does the “Home Owners News Letter”. I started sending an email directly to the client with the link @mgoldenberg posted with instructions on what to do. Haven’t had an issue since.
I also tell the client to check their spam/junk folder should my email go there, and mark me as a safe sender so it doesn’t happen when I send their report…

I only send a personal email with a link to view report at my website, similar to Dominic. I skip the Nachi messenger thing altogether, the spam issue with messenger has been going on for many, many, years.

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I click the “send to my email address” button and forward the link from my business email.

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I used to use InterNachi, had the same problem. Now since I got my own email domain, not a free gmail. hotmail etc account I don’t have the same problem now. Just a thought.

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I send an email from my business email address. This email has a link to my website. My website has an area where the client enters their email and directs them to the Nachi agreement
No emails to the clients spam.
Better yet, it increases traffic to my website.

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What Inspection program do you use, they may have a communication with inspection agreement to send to your clients. I use Horizon, and i have downloaded the inspection agreement into my program and it sends it out to clients when we schedule the inspection. I think HIP has same thing set up also.

I have used ISN for years and have the same problem. The email security program sees something from a stranger, with unknown links, and automatically sends it to the spam folder. I have found that if I send them a short email as soon as the inspection is booked letting them know to expect a follow up email with a contract and a copy of the NC SOP, their security program then “knows” me and will then let follow up emails with links go through.