Agricultural Silo Inspection

After doing some searches in the message boards I was not able to find any resources for agreements or reporting standards for non typical structures (specifically agricultural silos in this case). Does anyone have good resources for some info? Thanks in advance.

-Round Reinforced Concrete Silo
-built in the 1950’s
-40 ft tall


I can’t help on the technical/procedural strategy for this proposed project. It sounds like a project that would be interesting, possibly even dangerous.

I’m not sure what your state, local requirements for certifications, experiences, etc. for taking this type of project on, but you might want to check it out before you sign any contracts with a customer. You might want to check with your Insurer’(s) as well. They may not be real happy with you climbing up some empty grain silo.

Not trying to rain on your parade, this is just how I think when I start looking at an unusaual project I’ve been approached with.

Good luck, let us know how it goes, if you do it.

Good advice.

I’d call my local Farm Bureau for references of erectors and manufacturers and talk to them to satisfy my curiousity but referring it out sounds best.

In Canada we have the National Farm Building Code of Canada which is available on a CD but at a cost. More info at link below:

If you google it you will find lots of good information like distance from a well…


The silo is located on an adjacent lot that the client is planning to buy and with the recent wind storms we have had over the past couple of months he wanted someone to look at it and see if it was in danger of collapse.

He was particularly concerned about the portion of the footer that is spawling off. The silo was in good shape with no cracking. I told him to monitor it for any changes in condition. He said that the footer has been like this for quite some time. No report was made.

The picture of the barn was some damage of the recent wind storms we had. There was substantial insect damage to the corner post of the barn. The top of the post broke free during the wind and let the roof peel off. He is planning to remove the barn and put up a steel building that utilizes the cement slab already in place. The silo will not be used for anything he just didnt want the expense of demolition.

Looks like a decision must be made, fix it or take it down. It can’t stay like that forever unfortunately. Weather and gravity always win when it comes to neglected man made structures.