Ah, the mysteries

I confessed recently that I don’t know much about electricity, but I keep on trying, hoping one day to compete with InterNACHI’s illustrious Education Director Gerry Beaumont, or even be complimented by our resident electrical Guru Paul Abernathy. For instance, I discovered a Federal Electric panel today (Click on the first picture) from which a cable left and dissapeared into the interior, (Click on the second picture). Inside, it snaked along the living room baseboard, through a kitchen, through a water heater cabinet, and on through a laundry room until it emerged at the exterior only to disappear below grade. I followed it as best I could, like Inspector Clousseau, humming: “the music goes round and round, la-la-la-la-lal-la, and it come out here,” at which point it magically emerged from the soil, disappeared through a plywood wall, and on and up into sub panels (Click on the fourth picture), stunning in their nakedness and shamelessly serving a secret garden. (Click on the final picture). There, I stood mesmerized remembering the days of my youth.