You guys hear the commercials on the radio yet? Just picked one up in Tampa this morning. They want to train anyone with construction experience to become a home inspector so they can supplement their income. Can’t wait to compete!

They can do mold sampling too, I’m told :slight_smile:

Minnesota has been flooded with these radio ads for two years now… and they are working!!! :roll::shock::mad:

Ah!!! The more, the better for the consumer…lots of competition from part-timers doing 1, maybe 2, a week for extra beer $$$$. Prices should drop!!

What other profession pays $150,000 a year working part-time?


Now that’s beer money!!! I may have to eat my words and move there!!!

Yeah, I heard it on the radio to, I actually had a post typed up just like this one and then I was like, forget it. But yeah, they’re commercials are great, advertising it as a way for people with full time jobs but need extra cash to make a few hundred extra bucks a week. Because we all know that taking online classes teaches you all you need to know in this profession. At least we have the state exam to weed out the stupids. Anyone know if AHIT is accredited? On a side note I have an Android powered tablet and AHIT now has an Android based inspection software touchscreen based. I plan on trying it out on my next home inspection.

I’m drifting off the subject a little here but, do you sell a lot of those solar powered attic fans?

Not alot, maybe 15 or so a year. I swear by em in poorly ventilated attics. Down here with all the sun those things run and run all day. Have one on my hip roofed house and its definitely made a difference for me personally. But just my opinion. The latest thing is icynene foaming the attic completely shut. I’ve been in some of those attics in the middle of the afternoon and they’re 85 degrees. Seems to be the latest green practice in efficiency