AHIT offers NACHI member discounts on their NACHI-branded site.


I downloaded a trial version and I like it so far. Thanks for the NACHI discount. I like the report style, I wasn’t so sure about the $9.95 a month fee they had.

It would be nice if they added the NACHI SOP to the software.

i use report plus.
clients and realtors are usually impressed.

i believe ahit’s software is based off ASHI SOP.

can be akward at first.

but i guess it’s like that for any software.

You can have any SOP installed, phone tech support.

I changed mine many moons ago…


i didnt know that.


AHIT is sucking to me , I’am a member and a graduate of their program and have NEVER had any offer that resembles anything like this. I didn’t get their software because of the price, and the $9.95 was per report/ not per month!! GUESS I HAVE A NASTY PHONE CALL TO MAKE!!