AHIT reviews

Has anyone had any dealings with AHIT. I am considering using their software, and other products. I would appreciate any honest opinions regarding this establishment.

You won’t go wrong with Home Inspector Pro: www.homeinspectorpro.com

Hey Nick you forgot to mention HOME GAUGE!!!
You can’t go wrong with them either.:mrgreen:

Any opinions about the educational products, or the service? I heard that they charge to download reports to be used with the software. Is this a common practice with other software?

Just my opinion. It was a good place to start for education, but there are much better options regarding software.

I cannot go wrong with my own reporting software. I should start selling it.

Good education, crap products

Tom, to be quite honest you should try Home Inspector Pro, Dom gives you free trial. Then NACHI has more educational info and tools then you will ever need.



I have an inspector in training who is using AHIT and it seems like a solid product comparable to ITA (Kaplin) training.

I did the AHIT training. I have been using their software for the past 3+ years. I have the word based software. Others like Juan had the droid based I believe.
AHIT doesn’t sell the word based product anymore.

I have decided to go with new software. I did the HIP, Home Gauge and 3D demos. I made the decision to go with 3D. I liked features of all of them and I think HIP has the best customer service. But for me 3D was the better fit.

I would recommend staying away from the AHIT software.

Try the different software demos. They are all available on line. Choose the one that fits you the best. Many here will direct you to the software they use but what works for them may not work for you.

You should also look into ISN: Inspectors Support Network. It is Project Management for inspectors.

Good luck!

I think Dom has a converter for all the past Ahit users jumping ship.
Many have posted here they started with it because it was pushed at their training center.
Go HIP or be square.

I did AHIT and the software was included. The class material was good (a little dated) but I did not like the software (which was word based at that time) I use 3D and really like it. I was exploring others when I had to upgrade to Windows 7 because my version of 3D would not support it and it was costly to update. I looked at home inspector pro which appears to be good as well. Ended up figuring out how to run my 3D under Windows 7 through XP mode.

I started with AHIT software and just made the switch to HIP at the first of the year. I am so glad I did, plus the realtors and repeat clients like the reports a lot better.

I’m currently using AHIT software but am looking for a change….I’ll check out HIP. I’m using the iPad version and you can only make corrections on the iPad. What would be nice if you can create a report on an iPad and send it over to a desktop PC for final corrections, can HIP do this?

Yes HIP can do that and pretty much everything else that the crap AHIT software can’t. You will love your life a little more when you stop using that crap software.

Great feed back. Thanx

Testing it how

I have used AHIT software in bot Word and Android formats. I am still using it.

Currently using AHIT’s program. It is a tablet version only. Personally I prefer to enter the info in the field. Can still finalize when I get back. If you are going to use this system, you will need a tablet with a keyboard. It has it’s good points and bad points. Photos are taken with the tablet and inserted in the correct section. All I have to do is finish comments and summarize when I leave. I haven’t really give HIP a good test run yet. Personally cannot say if I will stay with AHIT