AHIT Termites and Other Wood-Destroying

Anyone have any experience with the WDO/I course provided by AHIT?

Sorry Vince, I haven’t, hopefully someone will be along shortly who has. Good Luck.


Good course, the course is actually administered by the University of Purdue.


I didn’t know that we have are own course, Thanks!!

Vince, forgot all about iNACHI course, be sure to check it out. I knew others would be along to help you.

InterNACHI’s course is the best out there.

The WDO Inspection Course is divided into 30 sections, includes 131 photos and diagrams, 19 quizzes, a final exam, instant grading, and a downloadable, printable certificate of completion.

Best of all… it is totally free.

Vince -

Purdue offers the class on-site twice a year at their campus in West Lafayette for about $100 - its excellant. In Indiana you need to be licensed for Termite Inspections AND the 1 day class is dedicated to Termite Inspections, not treatment as so many courses are.

They also do a home study, so why not go straight to them and cut out Ahit