Any one know the address to the AHIT school in sterling VA

Earl, give 'em a call:


There’s an 800 number at the top of the page. :wink:

I’m planning on attending the AHIT school in sterling VA on the 21-28 of this month. Anyone else planning on attending I’m trying to split the cost on a hotel.

AHIT does a good job. You should learn a bunch. Have fun and if Jim Schumacher is teaching it give him a ration for me.

I attended AHIT in Chicago last March for the 8day class. Lots of info and hands-on packed into those days. My classes were from 9 to 6 each day,followed by about 2 hrs of studying each night. AHIT has great teachers and the course includes 2 complete home inspections as well. And the final day(marketing) is very important. It is taught by one of the top local REALTORS and they give you lots of good tips. Very good choice for training.:smiley: :smiley: