Ahora se habla espanol en InterNACHI

Hola a todos,
Hay una nueva empleada que habla espanol. Ella se llama Lisaira Vega y es una artista graphica por InterNACHI.
Si necesitas cualquier ayuda podras llamar a Lisa Endza y ella te pondra en contacto con Lisaira.


Welcome Lisaira. :smiley:

Lisaira is one of our graphic artists building www.nachi.org/gallery .

I didn’t realize she spoke fluent Spanish until just today as when I hired her, I thought she was African American. She’s not. She is Dominican. My bad.

Thinking she was black, I asked her today… “How did you learn to speak Spanish?” She answered… “Uh, I’m Hispanic.”

Oh :oops:.

Ouch… :mrgreen:

One of my favorite Comedians. Scroll to 2:30 -3:00 for the applicable joke.

Wasup Nick, You forgot we come in different colors, flavors and style. That is why we are hispanic, I’m surprise that such a smart… person like you can be mistaken. I have you in top of the pedestal but it looks like you want to slide down to…

Hola Lisaira, no le hagas caso a Nick. Si te molesta mucho dejanos saber y lo ponemos en su sitio. Nick es tremenda persona, vas a tener que darle unos traguitos de Mamajuana para que se ponga en algo…

Saludos y buena suerte.

Sorry Nick, do not mess up with Lisaira she has lots of friends in InterNACHI! you are lucky she is not Puertorican otherwise she will cut your ba////////s, nevertheless, be carfefull

“Vega” should have been a clue. :wink:

Actually I am also Puerto Rican! My father is Puerto Rican and my mother is Dominican. Its a very unique and interesting combination. I take the best qualities from both cultures… for example i’ve always said i have the body of a dominican the the butt of a puerto rican hahahah.
I’m actually about to eat some salcocho!!!

Muchas Gracias John, por tener mi espalda!

Hello Lisa and welcome.

Mi esposa es Dominicana.

Congrats on your assignment and I look forward to your postings.

Your wife is very pretty. I see that you are from Meuthen. I actually have an uncle there. Very small town but full of that dominican flavor when i visted. :slight_smile:

Hello Lisa,

My wife thanks you for the compliment.

The Dominican’s do thrive in this area because Lawrence, Massachusetts is not too far away and that is where they mainly populate.

I didn’t meet my wife here. I met her in Dominican Republic when I was rehabilitating the U.S Embassy there back in 1999. We married in Hawaii and since then had two beautiful children.

If your uncle lives here in Methuen and he’s Dominican, I’ll bet he knows my wife by her company name…Garcia, Valley & Associates.

Bievenitos…I bet I spelled that wrong didn’t I?
Welcome any way you put it!