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It’s rare that I have anything negative to say about specific companies, but ainspect (aka aprosite; hereafter, “AA”) is one company that I could not recommend under any circumstances.

I’m a very laid-back Texas-born Southerner, and I figure if three strikes is good enough for baseball, then it’s good enough for me. AA has about fifty strikes against them at this point.

I signed up with them in 2001, and they have never backed up their words with actions. The only reason I am still with them is because I could not get my domain name away from Yahoo! Domains, so I could not change my web site nor could I change the servers (AA servers ) for my web site. AA was absolutely no help in that regard, which is kind of strange for a hosting company. Recently, was able to help me get my domain name away from Yahoo! Domains. Now I am prepared to leave AA in May when my one-year contract expires.

And speaking of contract, do not pay them with a credit card. When you do, they take that as unlimited authorization to charge your credit card anytime they want, even when you tell them to never charge to that credit card without contacting you for authorization first.

During my first three months I complained so much that they finally agreed to give me an additional three months of free hosting for my first year. They didn’t. When I complained at the start of my second year, they agreed to put it in my second year. They didn’t. When I complained at the start of my third year, they claimed that whomever agreed to that didn’t have authorization to make such an agreement and, anyway, doesn’t even work at AA anymore. I gave up on them.

AA changed servers a couple of years ago, and since they could not give me any guidance about how to get my domain name away from Yahoo! Domains, I could not update my web site, so it became static and basically useless. Now that I have control again, I sent AA a couple of very minor updates (delete a name, delete a link). In both cases it took them five whole days to do the work. Unacceptable for a hosting company.

When I signed up with them, they had all sorts of freebies. The only time I got the freebies was after I had spent hours and hours compiling emails and talking on the phone with them. One of their freebies said that I would be a “sponsored” link on various search engines. After endlessly checking for that sponsored link, and after days and days of complaining, voila! The sponsored link showed up. But it only stayed for a week, even though my contract with them was for a year.

And speaking of phone calls, you can leave voice mail after voice mail after voice mail, and you’ll be lucky if you hear from someone within the week. I think their motto is, “If it’s not done in five days, wait another five days.”

I have a very short list of two companies that I will never do business with again because they succeeded in getting three strikes within minutes, hours, or days. One is Circuit City and the other is AA.

I’m looking forward to March 2007 when I no longer have to deal with AA. And, in fact, if I have a slow holiday season, which doesn’t look likely, I’ll take the initiative and look to getting away from AA even sooner. Of course, I doubt that they would give me a refund for any unused months, and if they did, I suspect that if I didn’t get the refund in five days, I could just wait another five days.

So buyer beware when it comes to AA.

*Concurrent with our recent website design change, Ainspect / Aprosite has recently undergone a complete management and staff overhaul. Unfortunately, we are unable to change events and proceedings that have transpired in the past, however we have been actively improving our business model and the benefits that we provide our clients. Our new management is aware of the concerns some our clients have addressed and are taking a pro-active role in satisfying those needs.

Have a nice Thanksgiving holiday,

Estela Lopez
Sales Account Manager
*800-978-3417 ext. 2091

Above posted at request of Aprosite.

Unfortunately for them, I’ll probably be long gone before the new management ever has a chance to prove anything to me.

I wonder how recent “recently” is because the two minor updates I requested were within the last 2½ weeks.

I like vendors who work with NACHI, so perhaps others can give them a chance, but beware.

I should also mention that, to the best of my knowledge in playing around with AA’s controls, there are no spam controls.

Also, about a month ago, AA announced that they would no longer support email forwarding.

So in an Internet age where other hosts are giving us better and better spam controls, AA takes a step backward about 10 years.

And when other hosts are giving us unlimited email forwarding, again AA takes a step backward about 10 years.

I find their current email system to be bulky, rudimentary, and difficult to use.

I have been using thier services for about a year, and I have not had any problems with them.

Every time I need a change to my site, I just send an email to the suppport team and it gets done. Depending on what I need done, the response time ranges from the same day to 2 to 3 business days.

I am satisfied with thier services.


Russel, knowing how forgiving you are, this sounds like it has been a bloody nightmare for you. Time, for something completely different. You bring your axe, I’ll bring my British Sten gun, and we’ll see what can be done.

That’s one of the great understatements of the last century, and the last century ended about six years ago.

That was close. For a minute there I thought you wanted me to change from margaritas to something, like, perhaps a martini, shaken, not stirred.

Hi Guys… well let’s see… here’s our options:

Ainspect - mixed responses…

MarketHardware - ?

A la mode - ?

Roberta, grassfrog - People like her service… I think her sites are a little on the basic side… but maybe I am wrong. I think her templates need to be improved.

ITA - Inspection Training Associates - I have checked out some sites these guys have done… very cool sites, I must add… not sure what the service is like?

These are the ones, I have researched so far… that cater to Inspectors, anyone have positive / negative experience feel free to provide some posts… And Russel Ray, I know… “A.I. Sucks” so you can save that one, they have been okay with me… but yes, I do like to shop around every year…

A lot depends on what you want/need from your web host.

In RR’s case, he is constantly developing and updating and it is not mere tweaks of a word here or there. I can easily see how Ainspects 9-4, 5 day a week attitutde can be a problem.

It is also a problem when their server develops problems on a Friday night - you have no customer service till Monday AM. I hate that.

Still, their product is ok for me, for now. They do have some limitations that I don’t like (I like a la mode’s cool “coverage area” feature and Ainspect can’t adapt to it).

I need some changes on an infrequent basis (whenever I get time - every 2 months or so) and I see that they are done within 3-5 days (not exactly lightning fast in the tech world).

I am happy enough not to change for now…but next year I will re-evaluate when I add other sites and my needs change substantially.

I’m putting in my vote for Inspection Depot. I have had the WOW factor, Roberta’s (which are good, just they are basic), and now Catherine has put together this:

It’s still having the finishing touches put on it, but WOW!!! I love it! This is going to be an fabulous benefit!

Thanks Catherine and Michael, and all of Inspection Depot!

(hope I didn’t jump the gun sorry if I did)

I use and have had no problems. Calls are always answered and you have control of the content.