Air Car

Hi guys , I just saw on CNN what is called an “air car” it runs on compressed air , it is going to be made by ta-ta motors of India.
I think this type of vehicle would be cool to use for inspections , and cheap too.:mrgreen:
Anyone else seen this or know anything about these vehicles ?

great information…thanks Mike…jim

So during a cold Canadian winter I should fill it with Hot air ( now there is an opening for someone!!:mrgreen: ) ?
I remember my 1963 Volkswagen that got 38 MPG without even trying. Now we make a big deal out of 30 MPG and that is attained with all the gas saving tricks. Let’s just turn the clock back and in the process we will all have cars that we can fix in the driveway without computers !!

What I find interesting is that this guy has been “perfecting” it for 30 years and it still doesn’t seem quite ready for rime time.

Let’s face it guy. Gasoline from is energy dense and extremely useful.
It has been responsible for prosperity around the world.

Someday we will have to change.
In a hundred years or so that is. Anyone who tells you different is ignorant or lying.