Air Chek Question

OK so my question to you who use the air chek bags to do your Radon testing is:

Have you made any apparatuses to hold the kits? or do you hang them from a string or something?

What height do you set them off the floor?

How far apart do you set the 2 kits?

I have my own method but want to see what others have come up with.

Thanks In Advance


I hang them using thread and t-pins and follow air-cheks procedures.

OK maybe I worded my original post wrong. I know all the correction methods they say, I was more curious as to if anyone has come up with a creative apparatus. I am tired of having to lug a ladder in after the inspection just to set the kits, and also sometimes there is nothing in the ceiling to tie a string to. So the other day I was doing an air test and using my tripod an Idea came to mind. I bought another tripod and went to Lowe’s and got a piece of dowel rod and put it through the air tub fitting, and made notches for the air chek hooks. and Bamm, a portable radon testing stand. I’m making it now will have a pic in a few mins.


OK here is my new Air Chek Radon Testing Stand. Fits nicely into an $8.00 tool box with testing kits…Organization at its best…hahaha


I like it.

I have a collapsible music stand that I my covert.

That’s basically what this stand is. I’ll tell you what, this will save a few mins every test and I think it looks a little better than hanging on a string. Either way It gave me something to do today. Best part is I have an inspection in the morning with Radon, so yeeee hawww, I can put this new bad boy to use.


I get tired of carrying the ladder too especially if I use my little giant type.

Great idea James. You may want to send the pic to Shawn at Airchek…They could sell them…or you. Some people would rather buy it than make it.

I hang them from a light fixture, about head high, and within 6" of each other as they require. The kits I get have a little plastic hook and I usually have no problem finding a low hanging fixture to hang them on. I have hung them from the knobs on cabinets, if the house is not occupied.

What cabinets? Testing is not to take place in kitchens and bathrooms.

Pretty slick, Nick!

Guess you could do it with a metal bird cage, too . . .

The only time I’ve done that is when the kitchen is basically part of the great room, separated by a bar wall only. Essentially it’s one big room. No body lived in the house and there was not going to be any cooking going on. I was desperate for a place to hang them.

Good point though.

I have not done these inspections for 15 years so I have lost some of my expertise status but have to ask, if this is a money maker inspection for you then why are you not using continuous radon measurement monitors?

Cost of equipment, cost of equipment calibration, possibility of equipment theft, etc.

Brian it is in fact a good money maker at least for me here it is. I do about 5-8 tests per week and get anywhere from 115.00 to 135.00 per depending on if it is a standalone inspection or an add on to a full home inspection. I find the air chek kits to be cheap, easy to use and accurate and if I happen to have multiple tests going at the same time, I don’t need to spend the overhead on 5+ machines and all there calibration and maintenance and possible theft. This method works well for me, so the old adage stands true, “If it’s not broken, don’t fix it”…:wink: