Air condition within sight of disconnect.

Ah yes, got to love the do it your self handyman.

The entire deck was improperly installed but that is another thread.

Walked on back deck and observed the disconnect and figured it was below my feet.

Sure enough covered by the deck.

I am very confident this 22 year old unit has been serviced.
I enjoyed laying in dog piss after stepping slipping in dog ****

Hey at least for the winter and fall it is covered.:roll:

This unhandyman also was at the bathrooms, flooring, cabinets and whatever he touched he did wrong or screwed up.
He must of used a jagged piece of glass to do his miter joints.

The money he thought he saved installing is most likely going to bite him now.

No permits for shed, fence, deck. These were also messed up.

173310 007.jpg

173310 016.jpg

Been there. Done that.

I take it you have stepped in dog poop, layed in pee and have seen A/C concealed by decking materials before.