Air Conditioner Switch

Can an A/C switch be of the unfused type?

If you are referring to the exterior shutoff, then yes it can. That is very common. The only “fuse” is the fuse or breaker at the panel, and should be appropriately sized for the compressor.

Just make sure you do not install it behind the AC unit…;)…you have to maintain your working clearance.

Thank you! I see many put behind the switch, is there a distance requirement? What if the equipment is 480 volts 3 phase?

Can we accept a receptacle tapped from a phase and converted to 120 volts as well within 40 feet from the AC?

For your own safety, you may wish to hire a qualified electrician…

I will give you the short answers…Yes, the clearance applies to either piece of equipment which is governed by 110.26 of the NEC. No, you can’t tap the system for a 120V receptacle and 40 feet away would be too far for compliance with 210.63.

Now I wont get into “TAP” rules and give possible examples of how you COULD accept it because 40’ is too far away regardless.