Air Handler rating

The Lennox Air Handler CB30M-41-4P is 3 ton or 2.5 ton rated? I can’t find anything online.

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I finally found the model number break down for Lennox Air Handlers.

Not to be picky but the air handler is not rated by tonnage its rated by CFM cubic feet of air per minute.

The A-coil is a seperate item attached to the furnace air handler but still not considered as air handler and yes it is rated by tonnage and normally is the same tonnage as the exterior unit but will operate at 1/2 ton over and or 1/2 ton under the size of the exterior A/C unit

Here in south Florida there are no furnaces. The air handler consists of an evaporator coil and usually but not always electrical heating strips rated in kilowatts. To be correct I might have asked for the Cooling capacity of the air handler in BTUs. In this specific case, the outside condenser had been stolen and the A/C guy claimed this was a 2.5 ton unit. The data plate rates this air handler at 3 ton.

I see in the model # how the HVAC guy came up with 2-1/2 ton because of the 30 in the model # he made a mistake its determined by the 41. Lennox has always been goofy with their # systems to me the 41 would represent 41k BTU which would be 1K BTU short of 3-1/2 tons = 42K BTU