Air handler

Can anyone give me advise as to how you would handle inspecting a air handler? No gas, No burners to inspect, etc. What do you look for? Do you disassemble?


Is this an electric furnace?

Mike, Yes this is electric

Verify that it responds to the command of the thermostat and produces heat. There should still be a filter to check. Unless you want to measure if the heating elements are all functioning(beyond the scope a typical Home Inspection) That’s it.

Is this the only heat source in the building?

There is a wood burning fireplace. Other than that no.

What are their capacity rated at? Unlike a gas furnace, BTU’S

              Watts x 3.413 will give you BTU/Hr

1500 Watts is about 5,000 BTU/Hr

Can you tell by the label what wattage? I can not locate.

I tried but the picture is not clear enough. I think there are at least 2 heater circuits at 240 volt. The Circuit breaker cabinet might give you some help. If you have the model number, try looking it up on the manufacturer’s site using google.

Any labels will indicate several heat kits that can be installed. You have to take it apart to find out unless the installer marked it.

Or as posted convert Amperage to BTU’s.