Air Handler

This gas furnace / air handler has an open gap between the two that was taped but now is split. Just wondering if this should actually be taped or not. I felt some cold air in the gap when unit was activated.



From an energy savings standpoint, it should be sealed because conditioned air is escaping prematurely. Back in my energy auditing days we called for all return ducts in the CAZ and the first 10 feet of supply ducts be sealed for optimal efficiency. However, energy auditing had some weird SOPs.

Of course it should be sealed. Duct mastic is typically used, unless it’s an access door that needs to be removed. If you felt cold air, it’s leaking.


Thanks for the replies. The air difference in the gap was three degrees cooler than the garage. Finally heard back from my HVAC contractor who stated it’s not required but will not hurt anything to seal it.