Air Quality Test Needed - Noelville, ON


Hoping someone here can point me to a local company for this.

Need to have an air quality test done according to ESA specs by someone with CIH ROH or PE designation.


Most likely looking in the wrong place. Go to your Yellow Pages or other websites.

are you still in need of this i could point someone your way.

Yes, please forward the name of someone who may be able to do this type of work. We have not contracted with anyone as of yet.
Really appreciate the earnest replies on this forum.
I hope they are as helpful over on the lawyers forums. :o

Yes, any help woudl be much appreciated.

When are you going to** STOP Spamming** everyone with your JUNK emails. Do you SPAM every potential customer as well??? Or just all the inspectors that make the mistake of asking** ESA** a question? Or perhaps it is just you (Aaron Wise, and Frank and Heather)? IMO, you are one of the most unethical vendors in this business!

Where’s the " Minnesota Nice ?"

James…Are you the same Person who had a home In texas asking questions?

That went out the window when Aaron at ESA began bombarding myself and many, many other Nachi members with** SPAM emails** that he refuses to stop!!!

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Wow, the thread has been sandbagged and hijacked in less than 5 posts.
Are you a Lawyer ?

Whoa there fella. I came here again as I have in the past for good info, not to get in between a happy couple.

Strange how a person comes to us for help and then answers a question with a question .Copy of email he sent me below… Roy

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[FONT=Arial, Helvetica, sans-serif]James…Are you the same Person who had a home In texas asking questions?

Why do you ask ?