Air quality testing

I’m trying to find informatin on air quality testing. Not Radon and not mold. This would be for other possible contaminates.
Anyone know of this type of sevice? Seems to me i’ve read something on it, but I don’t remember where. The mind is the first thing to go.

Search Google for “industrial hygiene”.

Your mind must be gone. It took 5 seconds and I came up with this

**[FONT=Times New Roman][size=7]Indoor Air Quality Testing Should
Not Be The First Move
See website below:

I went there before I posted. There was no info (that I could find) on teating other than Radon and Mold. My mind is only partially gone

Check Home Air Check

From their website:
“Home Air Check™ is a complete, cost-effective method to test your home for chemicals in the air, called VOCs (Volatile Organic Compounds). Home Air Check is so sensitive that it also measures the chemicals released
into the air from actively growing mold (i.e., Mold VOCs) that is hidden
behind drywall or underneath carpeting. A single test provides a blueprint of air contaminants existing in your home that could be affecting your health and that of your family.”

A partial test…Doesn’t do: floating dusts like asbestos/fiberglass/etc, radon, CO,CO2, mould spores, air RH, etc, etc, etc. The only true way to investigate an IAQ problem is to have an experienced IAQ professional visit the site, characterize it and plan a course of testing or/action.