Air release valve in front yard, is it municipal? Require maintenance?

I found this in a utility box in the front yard of a residential inspection. It does not appear to be downstream of the water meter between the meter and the home, but of course I could not verify.

Are these typically owned and maintained by the water department? If not, do they require maintenance? Do they have an average life span?

I found this document
ARV200A1H_2.pdf (70.6 KB)

You maybe already found this document…


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Nope…I had not seen this document. Thanks!!

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Can’t say I’ve ever seen one on a water service line and I’ve even installed quite a few of them. Learn something new every day :+1::+1:.

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What did you install them on?

I was referring to installing the service line, saddle tap off the main, run copper tubing to the meter box/curb stop, then into the home/building. Never put any type of air relief valve on any of them.

Now if you are talking about irrigation systems, I’ve installed many types and brands of vacuum breakers, but they were always above ground. Minimum 24" above the highest sprinkler head.