Air return duct installation

Hello every one
My name is Yanier, I leave in Ontario Canada, I am take the internachi certification courses which I am almost finishing.
I am in HVAC system course, which I need your opinion and expertise about return air duct.
I did my first muck inspection in my house which is a 3 story townhouse, the main return air is in the center in the second floor family room, there is no basement, it is slap on grade.
It was installed another return air in the first floor right beside the door that exit to the garage, the water heater furnace is right behind of that return air approximately 3 feet away and it connects to the plenum from the back.

My questions to you as follows:

Is this a risk of back draft?

Can the return air be installed beside the garage door?

Thank you very much

Yanier Vazquez Ruiz