Air sampling, digital environment

wondering if anyone has used the Digital environment air quality sensor? The internachi newsletter has promoted it several times, and wondering how well it works.
It looks gimicky to me, but if it works, would be a good add on feature.
I know, there are legal and liability issues to using it that would require agreements, but how is the quality?

[Digital Environment]

It claims that it can do a quick scan of each room, and determine what types of particulates are in the air, only downside is it does not differentiate between mold and pollen, but other than that, would give a quick read to determine if a more expensive air sampling should take place. It claims to even be able to tell you what area of the room it picked up the higher readings as you walk around with it.

Cost is high. $200.00 for the unit but $1200.00 per year to operate. Technology looks questionable.

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