Air supply regesters on interior walls

Hello all,

Today I inspected a 59 year old Cape Cod house in NJ that has been completely renovated. 2 year old heater & A/C. The seller is now using the supply registers at the perimeter walls as air returns and installed supply vents on interior walls. Wouldn’t you think this house will be drafty?

The registers do not determine air flow its the size of the supply duct and the CFM of the blower. Improperly used grills are cosmetically un-pleasing

Charley I had one Saturday, 3/4 finished basement, bedroom, family room, bath, with only supply and No return at the basement level.

Of course the HVAC will work better with return air, but would you recommend adding one, or two?

Air supply on interior walls is unorthodox. It’s the outer walls that are the warmest/coldest and where the conditioned air should be directed. I would call it out for a further evaluation.

I am big on the What’s and the why’s What are we installing another return I assume What was the size of the other return and what was the distance from the furnace to the basement Ya did not give me much to work with here.

Ya can only blow so much air into a bottle then its full ya gotta take some out. (Return air) is always the killer of a nice peice of equipment

What are you going to call out. I have seen a lot of Apartment type systems with all the outlets on the interior located within a fur down from a hall ceiling with the furnace installed in a hall closet. Installed a few in that manner my self. Yes you are correct it should have been on the exterior wall but the system as a whole is still functional

The furnace is in center of basement, 1,000 - 1,200 sq. ft. basement. (Electric furnace with Heat Pump). There is No return at basement, only supply at ceiling. With stairway to main level and door closed at top of stairs.

Yes Joe, That is what I did.

But not functioning optimally.

Ya can say that about 95% of all installed

Electric upflow furnace in a 1k basement does not have the same cooling and heat load as the first level and no worry about CO and the return grill. One could place it any where in the basement I would not cut it into the side of the furnace to much return blower noise if there was a return duct visible in the basement anywhere that is where I would cut in a 10 inch X 10 inch grill you want more return from the first level than the basement install a grill with a damper that could be opened or closed as needed to balance

Hey CC
I had a electrical upflow furnace today I wanta know did ya check all of your elements were they all working. If ya did not check them I am coming up and spank ya:p:D

All the Army houses have the supplies on the inside wall. Yes they are very drafty at the windows. Only solution to solve the problem is vent supplies installed along the knee wall next to exterior. This is not as hard as people might think.
The returns are fine they run down the middle and into the basement.
What is always missing is good insulation between the side walls and the attic.
Returns on the outside wall will make it even more drafty.