Air testing water systems

I’m trying to find the reliability of having a plumber air test a domestic hot water system and a hot water radiatior system heated by a gas furnace. There also is an electric hot water heater. The property is in northeast Pennsylvania. All water has been drained and the house winterized against the cold weather here.

I have an inspection scheduled for Wednesday on this property, which is a foreclosure a friend wants to buy with the intent to renovate and sell. The county municipal authority, which supplies the water, is owed $800.00 and will not turn on the water until it is paid. The bank wants my client to pay the $800.00, with the promise she will be reimbursed after the sale. However, if my client walks away from the deal, based on the inspection findings, she will be out the $800.00.

The soplution: have a plumber air test the domestic water and radiator systems. How reliable are these tests?

Thanks for everyone’s help’

Dean Conrad