Air Vent Inc. "FREE" Seminar in Toronto

Here is a great seminar that will not cost you an arm and leg.

I have registered for this seminar and will be in attendance.

Follow this LINK

**All attendees receive a FREE Buck Knife.
To register call 1-800-373-0089, ext 205, or fill out the online form. Arrive at 7:30 a.m. for a FREE breakfast. Seminar goes from 8 a.m. - 10 a.m. (unless otherwise indicated)

And for the ones that can not make it, enjoy some of the Links here;

Downloadable technical literature/sales tools

Air Vent Product Catalog]( (4.8 MB)
What Homeowners Should Know about Attic Ventilation (1.4 MB)
Vented vs. Sealed Crawlspaces (400k)
Ridge Vent Brochure for Homeowners (512k)
The Balanced System (1.4 MB)
The Edge Vent Roof-Top Intake Vent (2 MB)
Power Vents: Electric and Solar Powered (1.1 MB)
Attic Ventilation Inspection Form (192k)
Principles of Attic Ventilation Technical Booklet (1.4 MB)
Vented Drip Edge Intake Vent (216k)
ShingleVent II Ridge Vent (488K)
Air Vent Ridge Vent and Intake Vent Systems (256k)
Tips and Answers Booklet from “Ask the Expert™” Seminar (1.6 MB)
Five Frequently Asked Questions about Ventilation (116k)
Mold Disclaimer (203k)
Ridge Vents in High Seismic Regions (120k)
Roof Ventilation - High-Performance Exhaust and Intake Vents from Air Vent (4.4 MB)
Ventilation Views: Ice Dams (388k)
Ventilation Views: Intake Ventilation (1.1 MB)
Ventilation Views: Hip Roofs/Specialty Applications (532k)
Ventilation Views: Ridge Vent and Power Vent Installation Tips (860k)
Ventilation Views: How to Present Attic Ventilation to the Homeowner (240k)
Foundation Vents (172k)
ShingleVent II 7 inch and 9 inch Ridge Vents (308k)
VenturiVent Plus Ridge Vent (156k)
Class A ShingleVent II 7 inch and 9 inch Ridge Vents (3 MB)

Marcel :):smiley:

Here’s another good one on March 31 - April 1 in Toronto.

Thanks Mario.
Breakfast on me March 31.


Meet me at my place in the morning and we can leave from here!

Sounds Good.

Hey Mario!

 I reckon I'll see you there at 7:30, with my wife and son. We just can't get enough education, can we?

Hey Joseph!

     My family and I am booked already!.It looks good. We just might meet up while we're there. I'll be the good looking fat guy, with a beard, and a pretty little redhead at my side. My lookalike son might be at my side, as well. ( Also with beard! )..................not my wife! son!

I will see you there Harold!


We will talk before the event, if not, be at my place at 6:30 am and we can leave from here.

I’ll call you next week. I’m in Barbados;) I signed up for both.
Are you in for the 2 days?

You lucky dog! Have fun! Yes