AirChek Charcoal Kits

How or from where do you guys hang your AirChek charcoal kits? Thumbtack? Something more inventive?

Man, get yourself a Radstar RS 800. You can rent it.

Now why the hell would a “student” with no business jump in and rent a piece of equipment? That’s insane. Later on down the road when things get rockin’ sure, but not in his start-up phase. Bad advice!

Hanger on a music stand. Hang the kits at each end of the hanger. Tape it to the floor. You can also use an old phone wire from the ceiling/light, tie a bow. and hang the hanger from that. Been doing this for 12 years now.

Too much liability with machines. Electronics can fail, and be stolen. You have to service, calibrate, etc.

Why rent? Why not rent? A Radstar 800 only runs about $120/mo, which would be paid for with one test. Same-day results is hard to beat for impatient clients. I think its best to offer both options, CRM and Charcoal, depending on the situation.