Aire flow air conditioner

Hello Fellow inspectors

What can you tell me about this picture?
maybe you see something i dont.
No tags, no labels were visible with serial/model#
the one in the picture just had safty info on it.
Thank you:)

1127 3rd ave nw mj 023.JPG

1127 3rd ave nw mj 022.JPG

Usually the tag with the serial number on it is right below the tag that’s visible, in that indentation where the lineset goes into the compressor. That makes it somewhat protected from the elements; kind of unusual that it’s not there.

I’ve never replaced my Preston’s Guide, which is the best at providing general years of when a manufacturer was in business or when their products were built, so I’m useless on this one unless I get that serial number.


If your asking about the manufacturers date by appearance, it can’t be older than 2/3 years old. Too much shine going on there.

If your asking to identify a defect in the pictures you posted, the only thing that stands out is the conduit. Is that conduit looped behing the Condenser or is it supplying power then going elsewhere?

thanks for the website

suppling power