Alabama requires membership in InterNACHI, but also lists orgs that don't even exist.

What difference does it make when damned near everyone qualifies under Category “D”, which meets the minimum requirement?

No, D is an additional requirement, not one of the categories separated by “or.”

No they don’t. Nachi was added as 1 of the options to qualify, but not required. Still that’s good, but it’s not required as Jeff also said.


There are 4 categories and 3 “OR”.

The hardest in Alabama would be the “high school diploma” or ged. That takes a good 20 years of schoolin… :wink:


D is a separate and additional requirement.

Still wrong. You have to send proof of your claimed license or certification just like in D you have to supply a copy of your diploma or ged.

They would not use three “OR” for 4 categories if D was an additional requirement.

Category A OR Category B OR Category C OR Category D.

As quoted from the application: You only have to qualify in ONE category NOT ALL categories.

The last page reiterates it again and says “ONE of the categories A-C”

That is for a RENEWAL. It does not say that for the initial application.

The form is poorly written. Instructions at the top contradict the wording in the middle of the page.

As written, I agree with Jeff, Stephen and James. 3 “or” s means any ONE category is sufficient.

I wish Florida would require a certificate of insurance.

If I’m wrong, then their own government employees are wrong because they’ve been asking inspectors for proof of InterNACHI membership for 13 years.

It wouldn’t be the 1st time the government was wrong, now would it ?

No state licensing board would make it Mandatory that any inspector be required to be a member of any privately owned club for their license…


In Pennsylvania, by law, you have to be a member of InterNACHI or ASHI. That’s the law. Read 7506:

I’d imagine that is only to verify they are a Certified member of InterNACHI. The same thing they do with the other numerous choices to select from, such as ASHI.

Actually it doesn’t mention either organization by name.

All I saw was the below

National home inspectors association." Any national association of home inspectors that:
(1) Is operated on a not-for-profit basis and is not operated as a franchise.
(2) Has members in more than ten states.
(3) Requires that a person may not become a full member unless the person has performed or participated in more than 100 home inspections and has passed a recognized or accredited examination testing knowledge of the proper procedures for conducting a home inspection.
(4) Requires that its members comply with a code of conduct and attend continuing professional education classes as an ongoing condition of membership.

I don’t think it will be too long before ASHI no longer qualifies as one of the associations you have to belong to by law in PA.

I will never understand why the REA offices do not set requirements for HIs and repair persons of all trades to serve the clients of that office. If they did, state licensing would not be required. The REA offices and brokers should vet the vendors to be able to provide “the best services to their clients” that are required of the NAR. They simply do not, promote the cheap vendors, and gladly except the “advertising fees” that the “favorite” vendor provides.

Seems to me that the NAR is lazy, and not interested in policing or enforcing their own. Being a member in good standing with a nationally recognized HI association should be enough. It should be no mystery why it is not. State licensing was created by the REAs themselves, all to push the real estate transaction liability onto the HI.

Instead of sitting there arguing over it, why don’t you ask someone who just got a license from Alabama about a week ago. Membership in an association is required, not a membership in InterNACHI. And no part D is not required, it is either One of A-C or D. Not all, and not A-C + D.