Alamode Websites

Check your site to insure that there are not links at the bottom that you don’t want there.

They are having a problem right now where all of the provided pages are linked at the footer of each page on your site. They are aware of this bug and are working to repair it.

Until then you can go into your wizard and click on Site Footer. In the site navigation section uncheck Include navigation as text links in my site footer. This will remove all of the links that are displayed.

I will post here when they tell me that it has been fixed.

Thanks Greg.

Hmmm, my links seem to be working fine. What exactly is the problem?

Hi Todd,

Yours seems to be working fine. I have looked at several others this morning that had every provided page listed in the link. Like all of the ones about ASHI.

Hey Todd,
Why is yours ok and mine isn’t? You must have some special contact there. I have it up on mine now, check it out.

I just looked and there are no site links in your footer. ?

I just removed mine anyway as for some reason all my link pages are ranked “0” and not long ago they were all at 2-3. I have yet to figure out what is causing the change. Any ideas?

Hey Todd,

I took them down as I didn’t want ASHI contacting me because one of the links said I was a member. You got me on the rankings.

Yea, don’t want big brother calling. lol :roll:

I am going to leave the links off until I am certain my site has been swept by the bots and see what happens.

I use a custom footer so I’m not having your issue. Perhaps you should consider one too?