Alarm Lead Companies

OK I have a fair amount of alarm leads that convert on a fairly decent ratio over the past few years. I have been primarily been using a local company and things have been rock solid for years. As someone who does not believe in putting all my eggs in one basket I am thinking of spreading the wealth around. That being said I am looking for some names of other reputable alarm lead companies.

Before anyone jumps all over me and starts crap saying that I know Nathan has alarm leads, I will save you all the time. Of course I know that, in fact a few months ago I did a test with Nathan and to be honest it went fine. My ratio was excellent for the few test clients I sent. Nathan was pleased, I got paid and I was pleased. In short, it was a successful test on both sides.

The issue now is that I am ready to start ramping up my leads and I find myself in a bit of a pickle. Most of you know of the thread where I was looking for some info on warranty liability issues for another possible project I may be launching. Well as you know Nathan assumed that was an attack on him and started all the threats about a lawsuit, or maybe it is even in the works, not sure. Anyway I have attempted to contact him several times and to no avail he won’t accept the offer, and move on and possible even do some business.

OK that all being said, my current pickle is I am in search of other reliable alarm lead companies ready to do some biz. I remember at onetime (I thought) NACHI had some other vendors that did alarm leads? I may be mistaken. If anyone has any contacts or even a name, link or any info please share.

Also Nathan this is my last contact attempt if you want to call or write me the door is still slightly cracked open. If not oh well ya know…


James, I have to ask, how can you condemn people for using so called “gimmicks” on other threads and then come here asking for “gimmick” companies?

I am not bashing you, I think it is a valid service. I just don’t understand your thinking.

Troy I do not consider offering a client who asks for an alarm hook up a "Gimmick? nor in anyway an enticement to use my services. It is a courtesy service for them given upon request.

FYI for anyone wondering there is no bad blood between Nathan and I as we came to a meeting of the minds.

Time for everyone to go improve on your businesses and increase your profits but don’t lose site of the most important…Quality Home Inspections.

In our company we try to live by a few words sung in a favorite Charlie Daniels song, “Bet Be as good as some and Better than the rest”.


Courtesy service, that’s all I offer as well. I like those words. I knew we were on the same page as well.:slight_smile: